Soraia Rego

More About Me 

For a better background about me as a camera assistant, here is a short description of my carreer before I was a 1st AC.

I've worked as a video operator for almost 4 years in both commercials (for national and international brands like McDonald's, Skoda, Renault, among others) and long feature films like "Night Train to Lisbon" by Billie August.  

Then, I've worked as a second assistant for about 7 years. I shot national and interational commercials for brands like Porsche, Lacoste, Samsung, BMW, Fiat, Nike... just to name a few. In fiction I shot in film (16mm and 35mm) and digital, in long feature films like "As Mil e Uma Noites" by Miguel Gomes or "Glória", the first ever portuguese Netflix production.     

I also have some formation in acting and singing, and have done a couple of things as an actress and voice artist.

More information in my IMDB page (linked below).